Step-by-Step Career Guide to Becoming a Bookkeeper

Step by Step Career Guide to Becoming a Bookkeeper   small

21 February 2018
If you have ambitions of becoming a successful bookkeeper, then this bookkeeping career guide will help you start on the road to success.
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Boosting memory and concentratioin

Boosting Memory   small

19 February 2018
As we get older it is common for our memory and concentration levels to deteriorate. There are a number of factors that contribute to this such as diet, stress and lack of sleep.
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Key Differences between Accounting and Financial Management Courses

Key Differences between Accounting and Financial Management Courses   small

14 February 2018
What are the key differences between accounting and financial management courses? IQ Academy offers distance learning courses throughout South Africa.
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Face to Face Learning vs Distance Learning

Face to Face learning vs Distance Learning   small

07 February 2018
Distance learning has grown in recent years, so due to the sheer convenience, incredible learning tools and lowered costs, it is quickly becoming the smarter option for many people around South Africa.
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The Pros of Distance Learning

Pros and cons of distance learning   short

31 January 2018
We are privileged in that we live a country that offers us plenty of wonderful opportunities and is alive with possibility. If you maintain a positive mind and attitude the sooner you will be able to spot these windows of opportunity...
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Balancing Work, Life, Family and Fun

Balance   Short

08 January 2018
There is a lot of stress that comes with being a student once one has children, is employed or married – it goes without saying that it’s not as easy to juggle the various commitments and duties as compared to being a student...
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Never Give Up

Never give up   Small

15 December 2017
Many people feel it is the end of the world when they haven’t been accepted at a university. Why do you think this is the case?
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Do the most during 'iBig Days' but survive Janu-worry

Survive Janu worry Thumbnail

08 December 2017
It's holiday time again and there is so much to look forward to: the summer sun, music, food - inyama, weddings, ceremonies and celebrations - good times will be trending all around.
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Ska ba hemisa - love summer, love life, love you

Love Summer   Small

09 November 2017
Few things beat that fresh feeling of summer, the sand between your toes as you stroll along the beach, late mornings with no alarms set to wake you for work. Fun in the sun; with children, friends and family, then there are those fully stocked, ice cold
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Have dololo uvalo & zero anxiety during exam time

Shutterstock   Uvalo Dololo

31 October 2017
We thought you might like some of these really pha-shash tips, hints and a trick that we have put together to help keep you going through this final stretch.
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