Brain Food, Makes Your Thinking Good

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28 September 2018
Our bodies and our brains are in some ways are quite similar to a very high tech machine. Imagine a high performance car, it can have all the most amazing features to make it the fastest car on the planet, but without fuel it’s going nowhere, klaar!
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Pink Drive - Breast Cancer Awareness

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28 September 2018
October is world breast cancer month, it’s the time when the Pink Drive campaign gears up to spread the message that “Early detection saves lives”. Did you know that breast cancer is the leading diagnosis of cancer for women in South Africa?
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The Inspirational Story of Dorothy Machaka

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28 September 2018
Coming from a family of four, headed up by a single mother, for Dorothy, not having enough was just simply part of life. Juggling home study, work and family responsibilities proved to be quite a challenge.
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Secrets to Achieving Success in Life and Work

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28 September 2018
If you have a vision for your life and where you want it to go, and you are prepared to work towards making it happen, nothing is impossible.
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Grow Your Career This Spring

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31 August 2018
Spring brings with it new life. Growth. A fresh start. Spring is the season that speaks of hope, the potential of becoming bigger and better.
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Balance Work, Study and Bae

Balance Work2.jpg

17 August 2018
Think you can’t have it all? Think again! Research has shown that not only can you have a healthy, romantic relationship and a booming career, but if you are happy at home, you are more likely to thrive at work.
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Crunch Time Final

Crunch Time Final   Thumbnail

28 May 2018
All your hard work is about to be tested with just a few days left until you sit for your midyear exams. But you feel that there is only so much learning that you can still do until the exam day and you are not 100% prepared.
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Reducing Anxiety in the Exam Room

Reducing anxiety in the exam room   Thumbnail

24 May 2018
Some students feel very anxious during an exam or test. To some, this may sound as though it's a cop-out for someone who has not put much effort in when studying but it is a genuine issue with which many struggle.
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Managing stress levels ahead of exams

Managing stress levels ahead of exams   Thumbnail

16 May 2018
Managing exam stress is not a joke. On one hand, a little stress can provide that kick we need to worker harder and smarter, but for many, it turns into a quick spiral.
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Does your career in Public Relations need a boost

Career in Public Relations   Thumbnail

09 May 2018
Looking to progress in your Public Relations career or have just finished school and are considering this as a career option, then a Public Relations course will give you a much needed boost.
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