14 February 2018

"Hi many thanks to you amazing peeps .. really great study material, awesome lecturers and very fun ican portal.. to those just starting off enjoy and recommend a friend too.. wish you all the best" - Sollomon Williams - Facebook

02 February 2018

"IQ Academy is the best, Today I am a qualified logistician. Thank you IQ" - Dhat Guy Seabelow Masina - Facebook 

01 February 2018

"I worked at retail as general worker but since I got my qualifications from IQ I got promoted to Admin" - Tshepo Tsotetsi - Facebook

12 January 2018

"Let me take this opportunity to thank iq academy for giving me the opportuntiy to study under their institution. After finishing my business management course I managed to register my business. The best thing I've learned is time management. Before I was just a person but I'm now a business man and road runner" - Tshimangadzo Emmanuel Muvhango - Facebook

04 January 2018

"I am here to confirm that I got my certificate. I am now director of company Muafrica Poultry Farm" - Tshimangadzo Emmanuel Muvhango - Facebook

04 December 2017

“Am the former student at IQ Academy, I am now working for Beautiful Gate SA and Bongolethu Primary School as the Computer Lab Assistant” – Anda Michel Tyitiko – Facebook

20 November 2017

“All it took was for me to send them please call me, then in less than 24 hours one of their consultants called me and I registered without hesitation… throughout my course they were with me and calling to check if I may need assistance in my studies until I complete, right now am just waiting for my certificate which I hope to get it soon… thank you IQ Academy, u guys proved me wrong… Halala IQ Halala!!! ” – Andrew Maendo Druza – Facebook

16 November 2017

"I’ve Had The Best Experience with IQ and I’ve never complained about a thing, I’ve done all my modules well modules well and I can’t wait to get my certificate! Stop listening to other people’s negativity, you will get nowhere, just do you and send your assignments in time and do follow ups, trust me you will never go wrong #ThankyouIQAcademy" - Regina Rage - Facebook

14 November 2017

“Don’t know where to begin. Maybe the beginning, I finished school, didn’t know what I wanted from life; started working. Registered with INTEC, but never even got as far as submitting my 1 assignment. Many years later I realised I needed to build on my career. One afternoon I received an SMS from an advert from IQ Academy. I followed up and went through the list and decided to study.

It was so easy to register and the modules are easy. To be honest when the books arrived I thought to myself ‘how am I going to get through this’? Guess what, I have finished 2 modules and written the exams. With a full time job and a family to take care of. IQ Academy has just been amazing with their support and communication. The modules are easy to understand and the assignments cover the questions you need well. The self assessment is very important. I would recommend IQ Academy to anyone. I cannot wait to have this behind me. Then in 1 year I can start with Office Administration” – Sonia De Jager – Facebook

13 November 2017

“I had a great journey with IQ, they assisted me throughout the course that I was doing. I did Office Administration. I passed and also received my certificate. Halala IQ! Thumbz up to my tutor, who also assisted me when I found some difficulties.” – Zanyiwe Princess Nzimeni – Facebook

13 November 2017

"When I register, everything was articulated to me clearly in a very informative manner, and for that I say “big up” to the team there good job, that is custom friendly, great job" - Nndavheleseni Patrick Rabumbulu - Facebook

31 October 2017

“I don't want to lie IQ has been so kind to me they even assist with my assignments. Thank you so much keep up the good work ” – Ntombenkosi Mkosana – Facebook

27 October 2017

"Mama, I've made it. Hope you are rejoicing in heaven. Thank you IQ Academy" - Tania Tiamie Bhelekazi - Facebook

18 October 2017

"Tnx IQ I find the job with your certificate" - Promise Cabangile Zulu - Facebook

14 October 2017

"I got a certificate from IQ Academy I am working as an admin ngaso lesicertificate. Guys just be patient" - Nolindo Patience Manxeba - Facebook