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All There Is To know About Human Resource Management

Human Resources (HR) encompass two aspects. Firstly, it describes the human capital within the company, that is, the people that work for a particular company or organization. Secondly, it speaks of the department or the people in the company that deal with the actual laws and systems of human resources. The function of Human Resource Management is therefore concerned with the management and the development of employees in a company.

Human Resource Management can act as a force multiplier for a company in that, HR not only finds talent to be added to the company, but it is also the department that is responsible for the nurturing and development of that talent within the company. Ideally, an HR department ought to establish an environment and systems that are beneficial to the growth of both individuals within the company, which ultimately facilitates the successful development of the organization itself.

Getting into Human Resource Management

iQ Academy provides an excellent Human Resource Management (HRM) short course, as well as a Higher Certificate course in HRM. The short course is a great way to get equipped for those that are looking to get into the HR space, but don’t have the academic history or requirements to start. The short course gives you practical knowledge and helps you to develop the skills that are needed to begin the journey of a career in HR.

The course will equip you to deal with a range of relevant HR areas such as workforce planning and staffing, employee relations, performance improvement and management. With the short of course, you can work yourself into becoming a Recruitment Consultant where you can expect to earn an average salary of R175 000 per annum in South Africa. You may also choose to pursue becoming a Human Resource Officer, where you can expect an average income of R 150 000 per annum. Working in these entry positions is a great way to start a successful career in HR.

These positions are not management positions, but they pave the way to getting there. They open the way so that Ukwazi Ukuzimela.