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Balance Work, Study and Bae

Think you can’t have it all? Think again! Research has shown that not only can you have a healthy, romantic relationship and a booming career, but if you are happy at home, you are more likely to thrive at work. Interesting, right? It is tough enough to navigate the slippery slope that is the work and love balance, add in the scenario of being a student too. You have your work cut out for you! Here are four tips to help you thrive:


There will be moments when your studies, your career or your relationship will demand more from you. More time. More attention. More energy. Take into consideration the urgency and importance of tasks, and prioritise. Take each situation as it comes and develop a plan of attack. You know when exams start and when assignments are due – use these as a starting point.


It is easy to neglect yourself and those you love when you are working and studying, even if you are studying online or doing distance learning. But do not forget the importance of date night. Make time for your partner. Invest in your relationship, work at it in the same way that you do your career. Plan for a night of celebration after your exams or if you have completed a major work project. Nothing calls for a bottle of bubbly more than a successfully completed mission!


Seems obvious, right? But effective communication is a very powerful tool. If partners effectively communicate their expectations as well as their responsibilities, the chance of disappointment and disillusionment is hugely reduced Stress is an inevitable part of being a student and a worker – share the load and talk to each other. Communicate honestly and regularly.


If your end game is about creating balance by working from home or moving to a business that is closer to home, or moving up the career ladder. Then consider studying towards a career change. But how, you ask? Distance learning institutions like iQ Academy offer a wide range accredited courses as well as non-accredited courses, which will give your access to new career opportunities. But work-life balance means studying in your own time, and iQ Academy is the place for you to do that. Our programmes offer loads of flexibility, which will allow you to better juggle your studies, work and home life. Now is the best time to take control of your life.