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Do the most during ‘iBig Days’ but survive Janu-worry

It’s holiday time again and there is so much to look forward to: the summer sun, music, food – inyama, weddings, ceremonies and celebrations – good times will be trending all around. You may have plenty of plans with friends and family, most of these will no doubt involve spending money. It’s easy and fairly normal to get excited at this time of year and overspend as a result. We thought we would share some festive season saving tips with you so that Janu-worry is not so bad.

1. Plan for what you will need, think about:

  • Transport – travel with friends, almost like a lift club and share the expense of petrol, driving and the wear and tear on the car.
  •  Invitations to dinners & parties – put money together with friends and family and share the costs of food and drinks.
  • Accommodation – stay at a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while, it will be a great time to catch up as well – killing two birds with one stone.
  • Outfits look out for sales or find ways to zhuzh up your outfits by borrowing an item from a friend or buying one item that will give your usual dress, skirt, shirt or pants some pazazz.

2. DIY gifts are the best – go onto sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Google for gift ideas, homemade baked goods are a great idea and if you’re an artistic person then you can spend time on the presentation and wrapping and make that personal too.

Make personalised vouchers e.g. “this is a voucher to give you one day off of all household chores once a week” or “I will wash your car once a week (only valid for two months)”. Make it something that the other person really needs, wants or does not like to do, add an expiry date.

For next year, you may want to consider purchasing gifts throughout the year; that way you spread out the spending. If you see something on sale that you think someone may like as a gift, buy it while it’s on sale, capitalize on days like Black Friday.

3. Stay away from credit purchases; rather buy on lay bye, via debit card or do without. Whatever you do stick to your budget to avoid tears Janu-worry.

4. Make payment arrangements for your studies – use your Dec bonus to help you reduce the costs of the next year’s studies or finish paying off any outstanding debt. Consider paying half of the fees that are due in January in December so that you have less to worry about when back to school time comes.

Enjoy the summer sun, sleeping and waking up late, have fun, laugh, relax, reflect on the year that was; think about what you can do better the next year and be kind to yourself and those around you. We wish you loads of happiness, love and laughter this festive season and nothing but prosperity that will bring you moments of joy and pride in the New Year.