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Empowering Mom’s to study: A Tale of Two Mothers

I was speaking to my mother just the other day about the lady who does the housekeeping for my parents. Mama was expressing how she was very pleased with the relationship that she and uSisi have managed to establish. uSisi is hard working, takes initiative and is good with children.

You see, in her sixties my mother decided to take in two young children. The children belong to a member of our extended family who has substance abuse issues. Because of this, my mother was haunted by how vulnerable the children were. And so at age 62, she became a mother once more to a 2 year old and a 10 year old.

USisi is a younger woman in her late 30’s. She is energetic, bright, hardworking and beautiful; however, lack of opportunity and lack of education has limited her choices in life. Sisi is a great help as umama still works 12hour days, and so running a household with young children is impossible to do on her own.

Sisi has 3 children, but her husband is an alcoholic and is abusive.  uSisi is a mother and as long as her children suffer, her world is uncertain. At once mama agrees that we can no longer remain aloof as employers. Simply paying above market price is not enough. She needs to respond to uSisi’s needs as a mother, not just as an employee.

Why not open up one of the houses on our compound for uSisi to live in with her children? That way, she and her children are safe. As a human being her peace and her autonomy increase, and as an employee this means she is better able to deliver at work.

One of the best gifts one can give to anyone, are the tools and opportunity to better themselves through education. Why not pay for a Business Qualification or Short Course for her or one of her children?. With Business Related Courses starting from as little as R479 pm at iQ Academy, the opportunity to empower our people to Ukwazi Ukuzimela is more than do-able.

This Mother’s Day month, let us take stock of the women in our lives, especially those women who work in our homes and our businesses. They are more than the positions they hold in our homes and businesses. They have dreams for themselves and their children, and even as they make our lives easier, let us embrace the privilege of having the opportunity to do the same for them.

Say happy Mother’s Day in way that matters, by giving that mother choices in life.  To learn more about Business related Qualifications and Courses, click here