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Get a head start with a Bookkeeping Course from IQ Academy

The bookkeeper is often the unsung hero of every business, as they ensure that finances are used efficiently and that a company turns a profit. Also, they are the ones who pay salaries, which in turn means that they are responsible for the single greatest day of each month – pay day!

In this complicated area of a business, mistakes cannot be made as they certainly will prove costly – pun intended!

Why study bookkeeping?

Choosing to undertake a bookkeeping course will ensure that you are provided with a full depth of understanding regarding this career, as well as equip you with all of the skills needed to complete your tasks.

There are so many things to keep track of as a bookkeeper, from quotations, invoicing, payment of suppliers, collection of money from customers and recording these transactions into the accounting system on a daily basis.

Financial health in a business not only aids growth, it allows for hard work to be rewarded and opportunities to open up for more and more people.

How your bookkeeping course will help you?

Doing this is easier said than done, and having an intricate knowledge of how to capture financial data, maximise spend and prepare documents is extremely important.

Your course should ensure that you can confidently handle salaries and PAYE, along with accurately being able to calculate taxes. This ensures that staff won’t end up paying too much and losing out on money that should be theirs, or result in them having a nasty surprise at the end of the tax year when they are forced to pay in large amounts.

Working in confidence allows you to save time by working efficiently and effectively, while avoiding potential errors that can end in legal issues or put a company in financial difficulty. Financial errors can have catastrophic effects which could lead to retrenchments or even company closures.

With so many details to keep track of, this is an industry where a short course is not just a benefit; it is a requirement.

Are you interested in taking on a bookkeeping course?

If you are considering taking on a bookkeeping role, you can trust IQ Academy to help you kick-start your career with confidence.

Our bookkeeping course goes over everything from financial transactions to debtors and creditors, as well as tax and salaries – and everything in between!

This means that you can confidently walk into any business with the comfort in knowing that you are perfectly equipped to keep the doors open and the cash flowing.

For more details on short course applications enquire with IQ Academy today, or see more courses offered by IQ Academy.