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Have dololo uvalo & zero anxiety during exam time

We thought you might like some of these really pha-shash tips, hints and a trick that we have put together to help keep you going through this final stretch.

  • Drink water regularly – it will revitalise you mentally and physically; drink more water than you do anything else.
  • Take regular breaks – a five to ten minute break after every 45 minutes to an hour of studying is highly recommended it will help with your concentration levels.
  • Exercise – any kind of exercise will do, the best is outdoor based so you can get some fresh air into those lungs and feel the sun’s rays on your skin. Something like a 30 min walk or jog, kick or throw a ball, swim – whatever it is that you like – set aside sometime for it and try do it every day.
  • Sleep – shut down completely and try not to have any electronic devices or screens on near you. Rooibos, chamomile tea or cinnamon and milk are some natural remedies you can try if you are having difficulty falling asleep.
  • Stretch – your muscles will get a bit sore; stretch when you wake up, stretch when you stand up from the study desk, stretch before you go to bed, stretch whenever you think to do so, it helps release tension and your muscles will thank you.
  • Have fun – play with your children or pet, watch a movie, do something that you love, cook, bake, take a drive, walk around a mall, have a picnic, go out for coffee or ice cream, do some work in the garden. Whatever it is you choose, the aim is to think about absolutely nothing that has to do with studying, just take your mind off the books every now and again.

What’s helped keep you motivated to this point could be a combination of things: all the possibilities that the future holds, graduating, getting a promotion at work or a new job. Think about these motivators and use them to draw inspiration, garner strength from the support of family (uGogo, uMkhulu, the kids, your partner, uMa or uBaba), friends, neighbours and colleagues.

We’ve given you the hints and the tips, now for the trick. The trick is not to panic. How do I not panic you ask? It’s pretty simple really – just relax, you can go the distance.