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Help Me Decide on a Course

Help me decide on a course

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Choosing the right course is a big decision and it is important to get it right. So, here are some pointers to help you get on your way!

There are 3 important factors to consider and hold in a balance when choosing a course: 1. Your gifts, talents and natural inclinations. 2. Your current circumstances. 3. The current job market

Your gifts, talents and natural inclinations

Everyone of us have natural gifts and talents. These are abilities and skills that we are able to execute without too much difficulty. These talents can vary from being able to do hair really well, or being  good with numbers, or being good at building things. The reality is, whenever you can make a career or a business doing what you are naturally good at, you are more likely to excel and become successful at it. So what skill do you possess? What are you good at? What comes naturally to you?

You might think that being able to sew is outdated and can’t make you any money since there are too many people doing it, but this is where the right course comes in. What course can help you monetise and maximise the profitability of your skill? It could be that you are sewing the wrong things or selling to the wrong people. It may be that you just need to learn how to market yourself . Studying the business side for your gift or skill can make all the difference.

Your current circumstances

Not all skills are easily converted to a business. Even if you have a stunning singing voice for example, chances of being able to make a living from singing are slim in this economy. So, you have a regular job, like most of us. All of us have multiple things that we are gifted at, some more obvious than others. You may have a good singing voice, but it could be that you are also good at organizing and have a good eye for detail. This too is a gift that can help you succeed and get promoted; and studying the right course that aligns with your job, especially that part of your job you are good at, can help you get ahead in your career. Speak to your boss or your HR manager to find out what the best courses are that can help you to advance your career. What does your workplace need that you can grow into? Find out and be deliberate and take ownership of your own growth in your career.

The job market

It is important to keep the realities of the job market in mind when trying to find the right course. If you sew  and your specialty is traditional clothes for example, you may think that the market is fully saturated. But a design course may open up new avenues for you and help you to expand your line and once more put you on the cutting edge. Perhaps a marketing course can help you break into a new client base, that was previously closed to you.

Life is not about just being practical only, or following your passions without practical considerations. Study the course that helps to make your natural gifts and skills profitable. Hold things in balance and follow the path that leads to the most growth for you.