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My iQ Human Resources Course Helped Me Find My Career Path – Khayalethu Qoyi’s Story

I work for a big company in the security industry. As a man, however, I am passionate about people and I always knew that I want to be more than a security guard. I am passionate about establishing good working conditions for all in the workplace.

Because of this passion, I decided to arm myself for the future. I enrolled for a Short Course in Labour Recruitment with iQ Academy. Through the knowledge I gained from doing my course, I started to have influence on how the processes around hiring and disciplinary matters were being handled in my workplace, even though I was still a security guard. I decided that I needed to further my knowledge and upskill myself even more. I enrolled for a Short Course in Human Resource Management.

Doing these Short Courses not only helped me to find my voice, but later, I was promoted from being a guard to being a steward. My influence in the workplace has continued to grow, and management started to take notice of my skills and knowledge in Human Resources. They advised me to study further a get a qualification through a higher certificate and ultimately a diploma in order to facilitate me climbing the corporate ladder.

The road to self-improvement has not been an easy one since my formal schooling background was not strong, however through the short courses I have found a way to gain an education and set out a career path for myself. Having finished the short course in Human Resources, I am now registered for the Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management.

With this qualification, I will be able to take the next step in my career path and move to a position in the HR field.

No matter where we come from, each of us can be able to improve our circumstances. I have chosen to change through study and hard work. You too can do the same today!