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My iQ Short Course opened a door for me to have a career in Information Technology

Tshembani Gerald Kgwedi, an iQ Management Information Systems short course Student tells his story:

Like everyone else, my aim was to get a job and be independent. I also knew that I wanted to have my own business one day, and so I registered for a short course in Management Information Systems with iQ Academy. Management Information Systems was a good choice for me because I always liked the opportunities that are presented by having skills in software and technology.

Doing a short course through distance learning also served very well in that studying did not add to the challenges that I faced on an everyday basis. The short course only required the successful completion of assignments.  I could therefore work within my own rhythm and continue with my life without the challenges that come with having to attend classes and write tests etc. The course was also quite affordable; it was an investment that I could truly make for myself.

Being strategic

A strategic move that I knew I had to make quite early on in my studies was that I needed to find a way into the job market. I needed to create an opportunity for myself to make my certificate work for me.

With this in mind, I approached a local company in my area that is doing work in Information Systems and Technology. I explained to them that I was doing a short course in Management Information Systems and asked them to take me on as a form of practical work to enhance my course. I reasoned that this way, I would be able to gain experience and that I would quite likely get a job with the company somewhere along the line.

A lot of people are quite discouraged by the state of the economy, they worry about not being able to find a paying job after studying. However, I took the practicals I did with the local company as part of my education and investment to make sure that I do get a job. If not immediately, at least within a year, and that is exactly what happened.

Getting a job and starting my own thing

Doing the practicals, I learned the expertise that I needed and once I became competent, the company started to pay me for jobs.

Although the company was not able to hire me full time, they call me in to do free-lance work for them and through my time with them I was able to make connections that would later serve my interests when I was trying to star my own hustles. Connections I would never be able to make if I had just sat at home. I now do my own business doing systems installations, computer programming, security and cctv installations.

Doing the short course with iQ Academy, gave me a legitimate reason to approach the company to give me a chance and give me an opportunity to learn, which ultimately opened the door for me to be where I am today.

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