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My short course helped boost my IT career

Make your certificate work for you

Tshembani Gerald Kgwedi’s short course in Management Information Systems (MIS) delivered 100% on his career goals – getting a job, being independent and ultimately owning a business.

He explains that he “has always been interested in opportunities in software and technology”.  So iQ’s MIS course was a good option for me”.

Tshembani says the short course, which is offered via distance learning, suited his lifestyle.

“It didn’t add to my daily challenges.  My course obligations were limited to successfully completing assignments which allowed me to work at my own pace. I wasn’t restricted by time-consuming attendance of classes or stressful preparation for tests.”

Furthermore, he says, the cost was quite affordable in terms of the investment which he wanted and needed to make for his future.

But achieving success isn’t just about completing a course.

Tshembani says that he knew early on that “I needed to find a way into the job market and make my certificate work”.

“I needed to find a way into the job market and make my certificate work.”

Tshembani Gerald Kgwedi

So what did he do?

He approached a local IT company and explained that he was studying Management Information Systems and was looking for practical work to enhance the skills he was acquiring through his course.

“I reasoned that I needed to gain some practical experience over a year. I was part of my educational experience and investment in my career. It was logical that experience would help me find a job with the company at some point.”

And that’s exactly what happened!

The computer company said it was happy to help Tshembani get the experience he needed.

“A year later, I had some experience and was skilled enough for the company to start paying for jobs they had outsourced to me.  It wasn’t a fulltime ‘job’ but my experience at the company had helped me to build a valuable business network for other sources of work.”

Today, Tshembani’s business offers services that range from system installations, computer programming, security to CCTV installations.

He adds: “The short course gave me enough self-confidence, a legitimate reason to engage with a company, and the opportunity to learn. This has resulted in me now owning my business.”

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