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Tips on Assignment Submission

Accepted submission formats:

Handwritten Assignments

Make use of the official assignment booklet provided in your course pack or your own A4 paper.

NB: If you plan to fax, scan or email the hand written assignment we suggest you only write on one side of each page. This will make scanning and faxing a lot easier.

MS Word Assignments

  • Set the page margins to 2.5 cm
  • Use black ink
  • Use common fonts e.g. Times New Roman or Arial
  • Font size: 16 for headings, 12 for normal text
  • The first page must be the title page with your student and module information

Tips for completing assignments

  • Read the assignments questions
  • Identify the topic of the question – this will guide you as to where in your module content you need to refer for more information on the specific topic
  • Identify the action verb (explain, describe, identify, name, list etc.) is in the question – these verbs tell you what the lecturer is expecting from you
  • Collect the facts, compiling a structured response using study material, readings, discussions and the internet
  • Assignments must be completed in English as this is our language of instruction
  • Number the questions as they appear in your assignment
  • Use headings and subheadings
  • Use full sentences and paragraphs as you structure your answers


Try to submit your assignments at least 3 working days before the due date, as you may experience unforeseen problems (e.g. your internet connection is down) on the day you want to submit your assignment.

Do not submit the same assignment via two different channels. Make use of the fax number or email address which is on the front of the individual assignment answer booklet.