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Flight Attendant Career

A career as a flight attendant offers you a world of opportunity but comes with a great deal of responsibility.

The Tourism and Hospitality Management Course on offer from IQ Academy will equip you with all the necessary skills to take on this role.

Attending to passengers by serving food and beverages, doing safety checks before take-off and landings, as well as going through the emergency procedures before a flight are some of the more well-known tasks fulfilled by flight attendants. They are also tasked with handling any queries passengers might have during the flight.

The position of a flight attendant comprises of much more than just serving drinks as they are the link between an airline and their customers. Added to making their clients comfortable during the flight, they are also responsible for keeping check of the inventory, attending flight briefings where they will learn of any special requirements passengers might have, as well as reassuring those on-board during turbulence.

Passenger safety is of the utmost importance and falls on the shoulders of the flight attendants throughout the flight.

IQ Academy can groom you for a successful career as a flight attendant as well as many other roles within the tourism and hospitality industry. Talk to one of our consultants now for more information.