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Human Resource Manager

Choosing the Higher Certificate Human Resource Management Course through IQ Academy provides you with the perfect platform to build a Human Resource Manager career.

This two-year course can be paid off over 24 months, with students usually taking between 18 and 24 months to finish their studies.

The course is made up of six modules, covering all topics from business management to human resource management and employee management.

Once completing this course, you can pursue a range of roles within human resources and management.

To qualify for this course, you will need to have a National Senior Certificate, Senior Certificate or National Certificate Vocational (NQF4) – matric exemption is not required.

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for overseeing the use of human resources in an organisation, and the role comes with a number of responsibilities.

The person who takes on this role will need to maintain the work structure at a business, which includes detailing job descriptions for all staff.

Any recruiting, testing and interviews will need to be performed by the Human Resources Manager, in addition to training, counselling and succession planning.

Work appraisals will need to be completed according to the guidelines, while human resources policies will need to be written and implemented.

This role is perfectly suited to someone who is good at problem solving, has excellent communication skills and works well with people.

Find out how the Higher Certificate Human Resource Management Course can benefit your Human Resource Manager career by talking to a consultant at IQ Academy today.

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