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Human Resource Officer

The Higher Certificate Human Resource Management Course will teach you the skills required to start a Human Resource Officer career.

The course can be completed within a maximum of three years, with many students finishing their studies within 18-24 months of getting started.

To enrol for the course, you will need to have a National Senior Certificate, Senior Certificate or a National Certificate Vocational (NQF4).

There are six modules in the course, focusing on business management, human resources management, organisational development and change management, as well as transition to leading others and employee wellness.

There are various roles that you could take on after the course, including being a Human Resources Manager, Officer and Administrator.

The role of a Human Resource Officer is to support various functions within the human resources department – including recruiting staff, training, performance tracking and counselling of staff.

One of the responsibilities that comes with the job includes ensuring that staff job descriptions are in place and accurately reflect the role being performed.

You would need to advise and assist with performance evaluations, secure training opportunities and organise them, as well as provide basic counselling to staff.

The Human Resource Officer also needs to monitor daily attendance, investigate reasons for absences and prepare adverts for staff vacancies, as well as implement a human resources plan which includes policies and procedures.

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