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Inventory Manager Career

If you consider yourself and organisational mastermind, then you could be the right person to enjoy a successful inventory manager career.

This is just one of the positions that you could consider once successfully completing the Supply Chain Management Course on offer through IQ Academy.

This business short course is open to students who have completed Grade 9 and can be completed within a 3 to 6 month period, with interest free course repayment terms over a 24 month period.

An inventory controller career consists of managing inventory in a warehouse or similar business. The inventory manager will lead a team in receiving, recording and organising new stock.

You will also be responsible for making sure all stock levels are monitored and replenished as needed.

It is essential that stock is dealt with timeously and that numbers are always accurate. This ensures that the business can run efficiently at all times, while stock theft or poor usage of stock can be picked up quickly without becoming costly to the company.

An inventory manager should possess excellent communication skills – which will allow you to provide clear instruction to staff as well as deal with customers. Problem solving skills and leadership skills will also be beneficial in this career.

If you are interested in pursuing an inventory management career, contact IQ Academy now to discuss the Supply Chain Management Course.