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Junior Compliance Manager Career

If you are considering starting a compliance manager career, then the Risk Management Course offered at IQ Academy is just for you.

This business short course will provide you with a wide range of knowledge and skills required to work in the industry.

It is open to people aged 16 or older, who have completed Grade 9 at the least, and can be completed within a 3 to 6 month period, with interest free course repayment terms over a 24 month period.

When starting your career as a junior compliance manager, you will be responsible for monitoring compliance and ethics as well as reporting to senior management

On a daily basis, you will be required to revise policies and procedures to ensure that they are within compliance guidelines.

You will need to inform staff of what needs to be done to prevent illegal, improper or unethical conduct within the workplace.

You will also need to develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure that the company avoids any compliance issues.

Should there be any violations, you will also be responsible for reporting to the relevant people and overseeing the process.

If a compliance manager career interests you, contact a consultant at IQ Academy today and they will gladly provide you with more information on the Risk Management Course.