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Junior Team Leader Career

Choose the Management and Leadership course at IQ Academy if you have ambitions to work within management or as a supervisor in your career.

This business short course can be completed within 6 months depended on the study effort you put in, typically 3 to 4 hours a week is all you require. Payment terms for this course can be extended over 24 months.

The course material will provide the platform for you to build a successful career in general management, as well as allow you to take on Supervisor or Team Leader roles.

In the four modules that you will complete, you will learn about the nature of management, self-awareness, decision making and leading others.

Taking on the role of a Junior Team Leader is the starting point to breaking into management, and will pave the path to eventually work as a Senior Manager.

The Junior Team Leader will assist the Team Leader with a range of different tasks, and forms part of the link between staff and management.

You will need to oversee a specific team of individuals, assisting in the delegation of tasks as well as keeping performance at the highest possible level.

Along with motivating, assisting and working with staff, you will also be required to report to management as well as take on the responsibility of organising training.

To be a Junior Team Leader, you will need to display leadership skills, be a highly organised person and also be able to communicate effectively and professionally.

You also need to be a problem solver as there are likely to be times that staff and management do not see eye-to-eye, which means you will need to implement solutions that would cater for both parties.

If you are considering a career in management, contact a consultant at IQ Academy today and they will explain how the Leading Others Course can assist you.