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Marketing Consultant

Get off to the right start in your Marketing Consultant career by taking the Higher Certificate Marketing Management Course through IQ Academy.

This course can be taken over a maximum three year period, though students are often able to complete it within 18-24 month

This course will provide an understanding of the key terms, concepts, principles, rules and theories in marketing management as well as teach the ethics and values within the industry.

To qualify, you will need a National Senior Certificate, a Senior Certificate or a National Certificate Vocational (NQF4).

Completing this course will give you the opportunity to work as a Marketing Coordinator, Assistant, Administrator and Product Management Assistant.

The role of a Marketing Consultant is to study a company profile to get an understanding of what marketing needs they have and what opportunities they can leverage.

Research will need to be done to understand the industry as well as identify trends and opportunities, while detailed proposals and marketing plans will need to be compiled.

The client will need direction and advice when it comes to branding, communication and other marketing issues.

You would also need to report on the success of campaigns and analyse all of the results to ensure that the marketing plan is always running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

This role is ideal for somebody who is creative and organised with high attention to detail. Computer and communication skills will also be essential.

To find out how the Higher Certificate Marketing Management Course can help your Marketing Consultant career, contact IQ Academy today.

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