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Office Manager Career

IQ Academy’s Office Administration business short course will give you the right platform to build an office manager career from.

The office manager is the one responsible for ensuring that day-to-day functions run smoothly and efficiently.

This is crucial in regard to helping a company show off a professional image, while ensuring that work is completed timeously and processes are in place.

Some of the major duties of a front office manager include organising operations and procedures, arranging payroll, maintaining and implementing office systems, following up on projects and keeping upper management informed in regards to progress and employee performance.

An office manager is also responsible for liaising with staff, handling queries, monitoring performance and appraising staff.

This role is best suited to someone who is organised, thorough, and fair, as well as a person who considers themselves a problem solver. The office manager will pick up workflow issues early, as well as ensure that staff members have all the tools necessary to complete their tasks efficiently.

The Office Administration course is open to individuals who are 16 or older and have completed Grade 9, in addition the course can also be completed within a 3 to 6 month period, with interest free course repayment terms over a 24 month period, though completion on average varies between 12 and 18 months.

To find out more about each course, or for assistance in determining which would be best suited for your office manager career path, contact a consultant at IQ Academy today.