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Project Member Career

If you are considering a career in Project Management, then IQ Academy can prepare you for the role with a high quality business short course.

The Project Management short course offers you the chance to study over a 24-month period, although many students are able to complete the course over 12-18 months.

The course will cover an introduction to management and project management, while also teaching you project initiation and planning, as well as project implementation and closure.

Completing these studies will put you in line to pursue a career as a project member, manager, director, sponsor or administrator.

If you would like to start as a Project Member, it is important to understand that you were selected to be involved due to skills you possess.

It will be your responsibility to understand the purpose and objectives of the project, as well as to work within the deadlines and budgets set.

You will need to report on your progress, as well as identify any risks or issues that you come across in the project.

Interpersonal skills will be important as you are working as part of a team, meaning that communication with other members will be essential.

Whether you are a core team member that is working on the project full-time, or an extended team member that is just contributing on a part-time basis, your work approach and ethic should not differ.

If this is a career path that you think would best suit you, talk to a consultant at IQ Academy today to find out more about the Project Management Course on offer.