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DO LIFE Better

DO LIFE is a free, value-add series of micro courses available to all iQ Students to boost everyday life skills essential for growth. The courses are designed to be a super flexible, easy and inspiring to “DO LIFE, just a little bit better”.  DO them on your phone, at any time and anywhere and at the end get a certificate of participation to boost your CV.

Course Structure

  • A series of micro courses, grouped into relevant learning areas including:
    – personal finance, entrepreneurship, careers, personal branding, well-being and more
  • Based on 21st century micro-module learning principles:
    – short, relevant and impactful units of study
  • With curriculums designed with the help of relevant experts
  • For maximum ease of learning

Why Do Life Courses

  • DO on your phone
  • DO flexi
  • DO while you wait
  • DO on the taxi
  • DO in 25 minutes
  • DO LIFE, any time, any where

My Brand, My Value

Building and maintaining a robust, authentic digital presence is an essential life skill. Reputation management is vital with the growth of digital and social media. Knowing how to navigate this new world is critical for every person in the job market.

DO Personal Branding will show you the power of personal branding. It will teach you how to manage your personal and professional identity, whilst enabling you to stand out from the crowd.

DO Personal Branding!

Make Smart Money Decisions

Making smart financial decisions are tough, but its an integral part of life, where financial pressures are real

This course will help you: save your Moola, balance a budget, fund your children’s education, assisting with planning for your financial future.

DO Moola!

Be A Self Starter

Regardless of your career ambitions, the characteristics and skills of an entrepreneur is essential in any workplace. Great employees and successful entrepreneurs possess an entrepreneurial spirit.

DO Entrepreneurship will help you develop an entrepreneurial edge and get you thinking about business opportunities.

DO Entrepreneurship!

Successfully Climb the Ladder

Great careers don’t just happen, they take planning and practice. Learning how to navigate a competitive playing field is an essential life skill.

DO Career will give you practical skills on how to start and build your career with free tools, relevant examples and advice, so that you can enjoy success in today’s dynamic workplace.

DO Career!

Live the good life

Having complete well-being plays a significant role in leading a successful life. It includes physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. A holistic approach can significantly improve engagement, productivity and morale.

DO Complete Well-being includes topics such as: social wellness, balancing work-life demands, dealing with stress, and advice on becoming the best you.

DO Complete Well-being!

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