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Diploma in Business Management

Gain a well-rounded education and a solid foundation in the field of business management with this NQF 6 qualification.

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About this qualification

This Diploma is one of the very few fully online qualifications in South Africa. The curriculum and learning content has been developed by a leading set of academics and industry experts bringing students a truly innovative qualification.

This programme has been designed to equip learners with a healthy mix of theory and practical skills in the core business disciplines in order to meet the increasing demands of managers. In addition, the attitudes and values needed to conduct professional business practices are inculcated in the approach to, and delivery of, this programme.

Study method: Distance Learning

This is an online-only programme. All course material is delivered online, via our learning platform iCan, and can be downloaded for offline use. Teaching and learning support is also delivered online.



NQF Level






Part-time duration

4 years

Full-time duration

3 years

Notional hours

1200 per year

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Programme syllabus

The Diploma in Business Management comprises a total of 30 credit-bearing modules. The curriculum has been designed to provide students with a well-rounded education and a solid foundation in the fields of general management and, in particular, business management. Special emphasis is placed on the importance of sustainability and ethical business practices, which are deemed highly relevant within the South African context.

Explore the modules below for a detailed view of what you will learn about during this programme. Note: module allocation may differ per year depending on whether a student chooses the full-time or part-time study option.

  1. Academic Literacy | Credits: 10
  2. Introduction to Business Information Systems | Credits: 10
  3. Business Management 1A | Credits: 10
  4. Microeconomics | Credits: 10
  5. Elementary Quantitative Modelling 1A | Credits: 10
  6. Financial Accounting 1A | Credits: 10
  7. Business Management 1B | Credits: 10
  8. Business Communication | Credits: 10
  9. Business Ethics | Credits: 10
  10. Macroeconomics | Credits: 10
  11. Elementary Quantitative Modelling 1B | Credits: 10
  12. Financial Accounting 1B | Credits: 10
  1. Management Principles | Credits: 12
  2. Contemporary Management Issues | Credits: 12
  3. Corporate Financial Management | Credits: 12
  4. Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management | Credits: 12
  5. Marketing Management | Credits: 12
  6. Production and Operations | Credits: 12
  7. Human Resource Management | Credits: 12
  8. Personal Financial Management | Credits: 12
  9. Purchasing and Supply Chain | Credits: 12
  10. Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship | Credits: 12
  1. Strategic Planning | Credits: 16
  2. International Management | Credits: 16
  3. Strategy Implementation and Control | Credits: 16
  4. Corporate Citizenship | Credits: 16
  5. Leadership | Credits: 12
  6. Project Management | Credits: 12
  7. Integrated Business Plan | Credits: 16
  8. Integrated Business Project | Credits: 16
  • Master the specialised subject matter with a set academic schedule to follow mapped out by module with weekly lesson plans. 

  • Access all your programme material and manage your student account via iCan, our intuitive online learning platform.

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Learn more about this qualification

The Diploma in Business Management has one intake period per academic year. To find out when the next intake is enquire now.

This Diploma is perfectly designed to suit a range of individuals in the corporate and entrepreneurial fields, from the junior level employee who wants to move into a managerial role to managers who want to be more effective, grow their competencies, or even just want to solidify their knowledge and experience with an academic qualification.  It is also suitable for:

  • People in managerial positions who want to upskill themselves with business management training or expand their professional achievements by adding an academic qualification.
  • Junior-level employees wanting to move into managerial roles through additional knowledge and an academic qualification.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to start a business or better position their existing business for growth.

Upon successful completion of this programme you should be able to:

  1. Select and apply standard methods, procedures or techniques within the business management field by drawing on knowledge gained and theory.
  2. Identify, evaluate and solve defined, routine and new problems within the business management context.
  3. Respond and adjust appropriately to the need for change, brought on by a rapidly changing environment in which businesses operate.
  4. Harness creativity from oneself and others to initiate and inspire innovation towards solving business problems in a turbulent environment.
  5. Harness creativity and innovation from oneself to initiate new business ideas and business ventures in the spirit of both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.
  6. Work effectively within prescribed organisational and professional ethical codes of conduct, values and principles in the business management field.
  7. Communicate information reliably, accurately and coherently, using conventions appropriate to the business management context.
  8. Recognise the organisation as a system, its constituent parts, and show how actions in one area impact on other areas within the same system.
  9. Recognise that one’s actions must be accounted for, and that one must strive to work effectively with and respect others, with specific reference to the context of management and leadership.

A module lecturer is assigned to each module in this programme. As the mode of delivery is distance education, all instruction will take place via iCan, our online learning platform. Your module lecturer will provide a teaching and learning plan for the duration of the module as well as lesson plans for each week.

Students are required to adhere to these schedules. Lecturers will also host regular online classes. The content covered in each class will be in line with the module schedule and weekly lesson plan. Sticking to the schedules provided will ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities to learn and ask questions.

In between classes you can engage with your lecturer directly on iCan or you can discuss the learning content with other students in the discussion forums, which are set up per module for your convenience.

The following learning activities form part of your overall learning path:

  • Orientation week (included in the course duration)
  • Self-directed reading and activity completion
  • Multimedia activities such as video clips and podcasts
  • Completion of quizzes and continuous assessment opportunities on iCan
  • Online announcements of activities and assignment submission
  • Participation in discussion forums
  • Self-reflection
  • Case studies
  • Online/Live lectures using Microsoft Teams/Zoom
  • Assessment activities and compulsory submission of formative and summative assessments per module

Since 2006 we have been providing accredited distance learning in the field of business studies. Join our community and discover your potential with iQ Academy.

Fully accredited private higher education. Click here to view our various accreditations.

Fully accredited private higher education. Click here to view our various accreditations.

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Accredited private higher education

Since 2006 we have been providing accredited distance learning in the field of business studies. Join our community and discover your potential with iQ Academy. Click here to view our various accreditations.

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Programme entry requirements

The Diploma in Business Management has a flexible payment structure. You can choose to pay the course fees once-off or over monthly installment terms. Please note: the course fee varies per year of study. If you would like more information on the Diploma course fees and payment options please send us an enquiry.

In order to gain entry into this programme, students must meet one of the following minimum entrance requirements.

A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with Diploma endorsement with:

  • at least 40% in English, and
  • at least 40% in Mathematics or 50% in Mathematical Literacy;

A Senior Certificate (SC) with:

  • at least an E symbol, on Standard Grade level, in English,
  • at least an E symbol, on Standard Grade level, in Mathematics;

A National Certificate (Vocational (NCV) with appropriate subject combinations and the following levels of achievement:

  • a minimum of 50% in three fundamental subjects including English, AND
  • a minimum of 60% in three compulsory vocational subjects, or
  • a Higher Certificate or Advanced Certificate obtained in a cognate field.

Institutional requirements: 

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Ability to read and write in English, which is the language of instruction.
  • A basic level of digital literacy skills
  • If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you may still enrol on the basis of relevant work experience or mature age exemption.

South African citizens:

  • Certified copy of Grade 12 certificate [NSC, NC, NCV (NQF Level 4)]
  • Certified copy of Identity Document/Card
  • Students without Grade 12 are required to prove 12 months of relevant appointment

Non-South African citizens:

  • Copy of highest school qualification
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of study permit
  • Copy of SAQA evaluation

* Foreign learners are required to obtain a SAQA equivalent of your qualification and a study/work permit

  • A PC, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Access to a reliable internet connection
  • Web browser (Chrome or Firefox)
  • An active email account
  • At least 1GB of data per month for online studies

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