Employee Wellness Course

People drive every part of business operations, from technology and product design to distribution networks and service delivery. People form the heart of a successful business. Research in the field of employee wellness shows that people who achieve a good standard of well-being at work are likely to be more creative, more loyal, more productive and provide better customer satisfaction. It is therefore imperative for businesses who want to achieve a competitive advantage in their industry to improve the health status and wellness of employees through Employee Wellness Programmes.

The purpose of this Employee Assistance Program is to introduce students to the concept of employee health and wellness, its role in a successful business, wellness policy and procedures, development of an employee wellness programme (i.e. wellness assessment, planning and implementing the programme and measuring programme success), stress management, promotion of healthy nutrition in the workplace, legal frameworks, substance abuse and finally occupational health and safety.

Whether you want to do this Employee Wellness Course in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg or anywhere in between, you will have equal access to our student support portals and related student services.

Course Type:

Business Short Courses


Human Resource Courses



Course Payment Plan:

R455 x 24 months

Course Duration:

Maximum duration of 24 months, however average time for completion varies from 12 to 18 months

Course Objectives:

  • Detail the definitions and terminology used in the field of employee wellness.
  • Explain how employee wellness fits within business strategy.
  • Explain the purpose of a wellness policy in business and demonstrate the ability to write one.
  • Give a case study or scenario, develop a wellness assessment schedule and plan and implement an Employee Wellness Programme.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of stress within the context of an organisation and explain interventions to manage stress.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between nutrition, disease and wellness according to a wellness model.
  • Discuss HIV/AIDS within the context of a South African business and demonstrate an understanding of how to manage HIV/AIDS in the workplace.
  • Describe substance abuse and how to manage it within the context of a business.
  • Define and describe occupational health and safety, and demonstrate and understanding of how to manage occupational health in a business.

Entry Requirements:

The minimum entry requirement is a Grade 9 (old Std. 7) and at least 16 years old with the ability to read and write in English, the language of instruction. 

Assesment Method:

Students are required to complete all assessments in the course and obtain a minimum pass mark of 50% for each assessment.

Course Employment Field:

The Employee Wellness short course was developed for existing human resource employee, people involved in wellness programmes and people in various levels of management within business.

Course Modules:

This course comprises of the following modules:

  • Module 1: Employee Wellness in Your Business
  • Module 2: Employee Wellness Programme (EWP)
  • Module 3: Employees Physical and Psychological Wellness
  • Module 4: Occupational Health and Safety 

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