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Alumni discount

Upskill and save

Speak to a student advisor about our Alumni discount today!

As an alumnus of iQ Academy you can save 20% when you register for your next course with us!

According to a recent survey 89% of our Alumni have plans to study further, which shows just how important continued learning is to our students.  Lifelong learning not only enhances personal development but also competitiveness and employability.   Now you can upskill, save and reach your goals!

Plus you also get access to our latest innovations in online distance learning:

  • Updated, data-lite iCan student portal, with new features
  • New DO Life micro-courses for FREE
  • New online short learning programmes

Student success stories

“I started as an Administrator Invoicer and after studying at iQ Academy I can proudly say that I was promoted to Administrator Accountant. This is just the beginning”.

Marco William JafthaiQ Graduate 2020 - Higher Certificate in Business Management

“I was promoted from assistant officer to an officer position at work because of my qualification. I am in a position to supervise in my section at work”

Aubrey DisemeloiQ Graduate 2020 - Higher Certificate in.Business Management

“The iQ Academy short course gave me enough self-confidence, a legitimate reason to engage with a company, and the opportunity to learn. This has resulted in me now owning my own business.”

Tshembani KgwediManagement Information Systems Short Course

“I believe nothing is impossible and it is never too late for someone to reach their goals. I’m happy that I’m qualified now and can lead the family business”

Miriam Sekolana DiliboiQ Graduate 2020 - Higher Certificate in Human Resources Management

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Terms and Conditions

Alumni Discount

  1. All iQ Students who have fully completed their academic studies in either a Short Course, Higher Certificate, Diploma or FET Certificate at iQ Academy are entitled to an Alumni Discount of 20% off the Standard Course Price.
  2. To qualify, the Student’s account for the completed course must be fully paid up.
  3. The Alumni Discount is only applicable to Students and not to Sponsors who may want to sponsor another Student.
  4. Where the Student selects any course where the Standard Rules require a Deposit to be paid, then the Standard Deposit will remain, and the instalments will be calculated after subtracting the Standard.

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