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DO Life is a series of short and impactful skills learning programmes designed to help you get ahead in life!

All iQ students have access to the full range of DO life learning programmes on iCan as a value-add to their academic course.  97% of our students that have completed these courses agree that DO Life proved valuable to them.

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“This module was amazing and I have learned so much more about Personal Branding that I am going to work on. Thank you so much. Never to old to learn something new.”

Gail CarreiraDo Personal Branding: My Personal Brand

“I wont lie, this was not in my thinking tank – to think about branding myself. It is so impressive and changed my self esteem.”

Zwelidumile Edmund MakaDo Personal Branding: My Personal Brand

“Everything was great to me!  I love the explanations –  even the way they describe the questions, because there are some videos that are easily to understand.  This module encouraged me to start savings right away, even if it is just a little, because small savings are better than no savings.”

Nompiliso MagadlaDo Moola: Budget Basics

“It has been done excellent. The videos and the flash cards are clear and very easy to understand. I also liked the calculator in the exercise.”

Gail CarreiraDo Moola: Budget Basics

“Job well done!  Learning a lot from these modules. It also motivates us to study more.”

Samuel Mogodu RammalaDO Complete Well-being: Dealing with everyday pressure

“This is a good module to us as job seekers.  I think you need to encourage and emphasize to all students.”

Zukisani GobodaDO Career: CV Techniques

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See our full range of DO Life learning programmes available to all iQ Students:

If you register for any course with us, you automatically gain access to DO Life learning programmes via your student portal iCan. There is no additional cost. Become smart and savvy on us!

Do Wellbeing with iQ Academy

DO Complete Well-being

DO Complete well-being takes a holistic approach on improving well-being. Learn how to manage stress during COVID-19, navigate through any crisis with success and balance work-life demands, and more. Selected free courses on “COVID-19”.

Do Career skills programme with iQ Academy

DO Career

Great careers don’t just happen. They take planning and practice. DO Career will give you a head start with modules on the best CV techniques and how to master the interview process. Gain practical skills to start and build your career with free tools, relevant examples and advice.

Do Entrepreneurship skills programme with iQ Academy

DO Entrepreneurship

Regardless of your career ambitions, the characteristics and skills of an entrepreneur are essential in any workplace. DO Entrepreneurship will help you develop an entrepreneurial edge and get you thinking about business opportunities.

Do Personal Branding skills development with iQ Academy

DO Personal Branding

DO Personal Branding will show you the power of personal branding and give you tips to maintain a positive reputation in this digital area. Learn how to confidently build and maintain a robust, authentic digital presence so that you stand out from the crowd.

DO Moola skills learning courses with iQ Academy

DO Moola

Do Moola empowers you to take charge of your financial status today and lay a foundation to build a secure financial future. Learn how to save, balance a budget, fund your children’s education, assisting with planning for your financial future.

Do life skills learning with iQ Academy

DO Digital

Become tech-savvy as you learn how to use technology to your advantage with DO Digital. Learn about core topics such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet – to name a few and be equipped to navigate the new ever-growing digital era.

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DO Life

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