IQ Academy is investing in technology for our students: Commitment to improving lives

05 Aug 2015

Technology, Connectivity and Mobility are powerful resources for both business and the consumer. They are changing the way we access products and services daily, and businesses are transforming their offering to meet the changing demands of a more mobile and connected customer.

Managing Director of research firm World Wide Worx, Arthur Goldstuck is quoted as saying: “smart phone usage in SA is expected to top 23.6 million users this year, up from 19 million in 2014. This means that over half of all of South Africa’s estimated 42 million phone users have switched to smartphones”

IQ Academy recognises the importance of technology, acknowledges how our students are transforming and we are therefore always looking at ways to leverage technological advancements for the benefit of our students. We realise that our students are mobile and that using a cell phone to access basic information via traditional means is expensive and inconvenient. Listening to our students we decided to redevelop our USSD Self Service functionality and expand the menu options.

USSD is an abbreviation for ‘Unstructured Supplementary Service Data’ and this service allows people to access information and transact from their cell phones. This is a faster, more convenient and affordable way to get the information you need. Our students are currently able to use the USSD Self Service to access their basic account information.

IQ Academy will soon be launching an improved version of the USSD Self Service which will offer our students more functionality. Our new USSD Self Service will include the option to track the delivery of study material, to track the assessment of assignments and to view academic results. This means that our students will have fast and affordable access to information on their mobile phone, at any time, wherever they are. The highlights of this value added service is that it will save our students time and money, two very valuable commodities in today’s fast paced world.

IQ Academy is investing in other technology-based solutions that will introduce additional features and functionality to our student support services. Our technology backed services are aimed at enhancing our students’ academic experience with us and at meeting the demands of a changing student profile. We understand that studying is a significant investment and we remain committed to make it as affordable as possible through technology and innovation. Visit our website or join us on social media for further updates.

Author: Jateen Dhaya

Editor: Ernst Kriek and Kim Elliott


Image Source: Designed by Freepic