A message for Higher Certificate Students from tutors

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16 March 2018
There are ten days left until your first semester assignments are due. Did you know that submission of all assignments is compulsory at iQ Academy?
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Your journey starts here!

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19 February 2018
Today marks the start of a new semester for you! Well done on choosing to make yourself and your loved ones proud.
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Important dates to note!

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14 February 2018
The start of any academic year can be a frantic one. At IQ we do our utmost to ensure that you – our valued student is kept in the loop with regards to what is required and what to expect.
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Important information for newly enrolled iQA students

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23 January 2018
Firstly we would like to say well done to you on taking the first step to improving your future, skills and propelling your career. As with all things education, there are a few point that we need to reiterate so that your academic year can get off to a g
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You snooze, you lose - Walala Wasala!

You snooze you loose

19 October 2017
You have a few more days before your exam session gets underway and it’s been quite a ride getting to the point you’re at now.
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Exam time is upon us, here's what you need to know

Dont Forget

16 October 2017
Okay so you’ve aced all of your assignments and you’ve been studying for the upcoming exams, but something just doesn’t feel quite right, what could it be?
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Strike Action Affects Post Office Delivery for Students

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05 October 2017
We are sure most of you are aware that there is an indefinite strike action underway which has had an adverse impact on the services rendered by the South African Post Office.
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Meet the Woman Who Beat the Odds - Candice Mmathabo Mahlangu

Candice Mmathabo Mahlangu TN

10 May 2017
Many of us think that the challenges to becoming educated are too difficult to beat, but just give yourself a moment to become inspired by one woman’s journey of pushing back and moving her life forward.
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Meet the Woman Who Beat the Odds - Sonto Dhladhla

Sonto Dhladhla TN

10 May 2017
Education opens doors to opportunities to improve your life, as well as the lives of your family. Unfortunately, not everyone in South Africa has access to an education. One of these people is Sonto Emmelina Dhladhla (53), so let's read her story.
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Meet the Woman Who Beat the Odds - Palesa Mofokeng

Palesa Mofokeng TN

10 May 2017
Education is the very cornerstone of improving your life. Unfortunately not everyone has access to education and this could have been the truth for Palesa Mofokeng (32). Read her story and let it inspire you to take your next step forward.
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