Beyond Education – Community Outreach

20 Feb 2017

IQ Academy, as a provider of Higher Education, has a wider responsibility to contribute to the community. We are concerned about abandoned and orphaned children and we were excited to be able to help some of them as our Community Outreach initiatives in December 2016.

Greensleeves, a place of safety for children in East London, currently has 26 children in their care. The children, ranging from 2 to 19 years of age, are brought to them by people in the local community and by Child Welfare. The team at Greensleeves does their best to care for them all, providing love, food, warm clothes and a stable life style. Some of the IQ Academy staff spent an afternoon celebrating Christmas with the children at Greensleeves. There was a beautiful cake, Christmas presents and party bags for all. We all had tremendous fun! Have a look at the photos!

We also chose to assist Breath of Life who support women dealing with crisis pregnancies, as well as providing an immediate safe place for babies that have been abandoned in Buffalo City. To date Breath of Life has helped over 14 000 women who were struggling with a crisis pregnancy. Staff collected and donated a range of baby care items and baby clothes to Breath of Life and the business donated a month’s supply of baby formula.

These two incredible organisations still need lots of assistance and would gladly accept help. If you would like to know more, here are the contact details
Greensleeves Children’s Trust:
Breath of Life:

Author: Kim Elliott
Editor: Ashley Cocks / Zethu Mthimkulu