Brain Food Campaign Grand Prize Winners!

07 Nov 2016

IQ Academy recently ran the "Brain Food – Feed Your Hunger for Knowledge" campaign. There was great excitement when we awarded grand prizes that changed three students’ lives!

There were also smaller rewards and prizes for each student that successfully enrolled with us over the period. They shared over R150,000 in Free Phone Calls and over R400,000 in Shoprite Checkers Vouchers that we gave away! That’s a total of R550,000 in prizes. IQ Academy realises that the cost of basic necessities and the cost of living is going up. There is little we can do about it, but the aim of this campaign was to provide a little help where it’s needed. Click here to see the details of how these giveaways worked. 

Each student that successfully registered was entered into the grand prize draw and three lucky students each walked away with R10 000 in Shoprite Checkers grocery vouchers!
We are excited to announce who the three winners are!

Two of the three winners, were able to attend the awarding of these vouchers. Zethu Mthimkulu, Media Buyer at IQ Academy, asked the winners how they were feeling on the day and how the vouchers will help them to change their lives and the lives of their families.

Dumazile said that whilst she is very happy and excited, her main emotion is to feel encouraged because this voucher will impact on her life in such a positive way. This voucher will allow Dumazile to contribute to the monthly groceries and it will also help her to buy medication for her sick grandmother. Dumazile went on to say that it will help her to save. She will take the money that she usually contributes at home and will save it so that she can invest in her son’s future, just like her mother did. She can also access these savings to help her mother in the future if need be. Dumazile expressed how this win has encouraged her to study hard because the benefits of studying are wide!

Edmond expressed how nervous he was initially. He did not believe that he had actually won! He feared that this was a scam and he never thought he would receive such a blessing. When he arrived at the IQ Academy offices in Johannesburg, he saw that the dream was becoming real and was overwhelmed with excitement. This prize money is going to make Edmond’s life much easier. It will change his budget and he will use it to buy groceries, medication and his child’s stationary. From now on he won’t have to worry about how to manage his fees and can just focus on his studies. Thank you IQ Academy!

We want to congratulate our winners and wish them well with their studies! At IQ Academy we aim to reward our students in innovative ways to ensure that we live up to our vision.

Authors: Zethu Mthimkulu /Kim Elliott
Editors: Ernst Kriek/Thembakazi Yamiso