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16 Feb 2015

Improving lives through education - West Bank High School

As part of IQ Academy’s responsibility as a Higher Education Institution, we are obliged to develop and drive a community engagement agenda throughout our communities. Community engagement is not to be narrowly interpreted as corporate social responsibility but as a far wider and meaningful contribution to the community that enriches lives. With the completion of the merger and establishing IQ Academy as an independent Private Higher Education Institution we took little time to start on our journey of fulfilling our responsibility.

As a kick-off project we decided to focus on schools within our community that could use our assistance and after thorough evaluation, West Bank High School (WBHS) in East London was identified as our first partner. The “WBHS Tablet Project” was initiated last year and saw IQ Academy working with the Principal of WBHS, Mr. Tom Dryer and Dr. Drik Greeff from the Eastern Cape Department of Education (ECDOE). The theme for the project was “Investing in our future” through focusing on mathematics and technology in schools. We decided on the theme when we considered the national need for mathematics and the importance of exposing less privileged learners to technology. The main objective of our project was to enabled technology based learning and improve the maths marks of the learners and to achieve our aim IQ Academy sponsored 32 tablets to the school all preloaded with the Maths Ace Android application. The Maths Ace Android application is a tablet based maths programme which allows learners to create a unique profile, solve curriculum based maths problems and track their progress.

A formal handing over ceremony took place on the 3rd of February 2015 at the school and delegates of the both the Eastern Cape Department of Education and IQ Academy in attendance. The project was very well received by learners, parents and staff alike. There was a great air of excitement and enthusiasm as we handed out some goodie parcels filled with stationary and snacks to the maths learner of grades 10 to 12.

All stakeholders will be tracking the progress of the learners exposed to the project and measure the impact that the project had on their lives and maths marks. A lot of hard work went into the execution of this project and want to thank all participating stakeholders, IQ Academy staff, WBHS teaching staff and the Department.

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Author: Ernst Kriek