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01 Jul 2015

Most private academic institutions are initially granted provisional registration status by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

An institution is provided with a "provisionally registered" status when it has demonstrated that it has the competency and quality standards to deliver those programmes it is accredited to provide. The institution is then called on at a later stage to demonstrate that it has met further conditions associated with being an academic institution and the status is then amended from “provisionally registered” to “registered”. A useful analogy to help explain this is the process of obtaining a drivers licence. When a person first learns to drive they have to demonstrate that they are competent enough to be trusted on the road and they are given a learners driving permit (provisionally registered status). Later, when they have demonstrated mastery of set conditions they are granted their drivers permit (registered status)

IQ Academy was “provisionally registered” until December 2015 and was required to submit an application to the DHET to amend the provisional status to fully registered. IQ Academy has just completed this application process and submitted it to the DHET. We, like all institutions, were called on to demonstrate how we have met the long term conditions and included within this process, was the re-accreditation of the Higher Certificate Business Management with the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC), the quality body of the Council on Higher Education (CHE).

IQ Academy is therefore accredited to offer the programmes accredited by the CHE and which lead to formal qualifications registered on the NQF and with SAQA. It is important to note that we also offer short business courses which are quality assured by the institution itself. These short courses are non-credit bearing and therefore not regulated by the Department or SAQA, but serve the important purpose of developing knowledge and skills. For more information on the differences between short courses and qualifications watch this useful video

The Office of the Registrar and the Academic Team prepared our detailed application to amend our registration status and we would like to thank them for the hard work and congratulate them on completing the process.

These regulatory processes are part of the continuous monitoring by the DHET and form part of their quality assurance mandate. These processes are important within the education landscape because they ensure that institutions continuously adhere to set quality standards.

If you would like to understand more about what registered and accredited actually means watch this informative video

Author: Kim Elliott

Editors: Ernst Kriek and Danie Vlok

Image Source: Designed by Freepik