Payment Options

Our vision and mission statements tell our students who we are, what we do and how we set out to accomplish our goals. As such, there is a requirement to contribute to the South African national need for the expansion of access to higher education opportunities aimed at absorbing learners from varying backgrounds. At IQ Academy we believe that access interpreted in its true sense includes not only creating opportunities but also financial accessibility. Studying through distance education not only takes determination and resilience to complete but it also involves a financial commitment and investment in your future. With this in mind we aim to provide affordable payment options and plans to suite your needs.

In committing to our vision and mission, IQ Academy offers interest free flexible debit order repayment terms for your study fees. We also allow repayment terms over 12 and 24 months depending on the course for which you are registered. Payment plans are structured according to your personal circumstances and may vary from student to student and terms and conditions do apply. Student may also repay their fees sooner should they have any spare funds available at no penalty. We also offer the option for a parent or family members to sponsor you should you not be able to afford the fees right now and you can repay them when you get that dream job. This sponsor option allows our students to focus on their studies and complete their courses knowing their fees are covered.

We also offer full employer support should you be applying for a bursary through your employer. We will work with your employer and assist with completing the required paperwork. We suggest that if you have a current employer who invests in their staff, like we do, you approach your Human Resources department to enquire about bursaries. This will show your employer that you want to learn more and bring more value to the company, something which any company admires.

Unfortunately fees are what keeps an institution running and should be paid on time to ensure that you remain enrolled for your course. But we understand that life can go through some challenges so if you have financial problems give us call and let us try and assist you.

For further details on available payment options please do not hesitate to contact us or subscribe to our newsletter for further information.

IQ Academy Bank Details

Name of Bank Standard Bank of SA Ltd
Branch Vincent Park
Type of Account Current/Cheque Account
Universal Bank Code 051001
Account Number 25 139 0527