Physical Library

IQ Academy’s library is located at its East London campus and stocks a selection of print and electronic resources. The library collection is growing consistently with title acquisitions to increase the holding through new acquisitions and/or donations. Currently the physical library holds approximately 800 book titles. Note that there are certain restrictions pertaining to library loans and for more information about accessing these library resources refer to your Programme Guide or contact the IQ Academy Librarian.

All prescribed and recommended books and readings are part of this collection. The library includes a small facility with desktop PCs where students can log onto the internet or IQ Academy Intranet and browse electronic articles and other on-line resources.

Electronic Resources

Insofar as electronic resources are concerned, IQ Academy subscribes to the popular electronic database Ebscohost. Subscription to Ebscohost allows staff and students access to a sub-set of 175 electronic journals and publications which constitute a massive increase in resources for the institution and its students. Registered students are able to access these resources remotely, via any internet connection. Access to Ebscohost is restricted and students need to obtain a username and password from the Librarian, Programme Manager or Module Lecturer(s).

IQ Academy is also continuously exploring the utilisation of open educational content available on the internet and has already identified several open source journals and free resources that will adequately assist students registered for the various courses. As an additional value-adding proposition to students who will be enrolling, IQ Academy will construct an online collection of open resources over the next two months. In essence, multiple links to relevant and accessible online content will be created and distributed to students. Such links will be arranged according to key subject areas and/or modules, and will be placed on the Library's pages of the website. This will not be a static resource and will continuously be updated by Programme Managers and other academic staff teaching on the various academic programmes.