Quality Management

At IQ Academy, the responsibility for quality assurance resides within the Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance (QARC) division. IQ Academy has developed and put in place an Integrated Quality Management Strategic Policy Framework (IQM-SPF) which is intended to describe the institution’s approach to quality, accountability, improvement and resource allocation. The IQM-SPF aims to align internal processes with the Academy’s overall vision, mission and strategic goals as outlined in its strategic and institutional operational plan.

The IQM-SPF actively seeks to engender a shared understanding of how the Academy approaches and manages quality and has adapted the national system of the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and Higher Education Quality Council (HEQC) to its unique institutional context as a distance Private Higher Education Institution. Thus, IQ Academy’s approach to quality and quality assurance is aligned to that of the HEQC and CHE, which are the quality assurance bodies for the higher education sector.

The IQ Academy's quality regime is characterised by the following unique feature:

  • A conceptual distinction is made between Quality Management and Quality Assurance, with the former residing with the relevant departments and the latter a mandated responsibility of the QARC division.
  • A continuous process of quality enhancement programmes throughout the academy focusing on key strategic goals.

Key focus areas of the QARC division:

  • New programmes approval and accreditation: the academy’s approach to the quality assurance of programme approval and accreditation is strongly shaped by the HEQC programme accreditation framework and criteria as well as other statutory and professional council legislative requirements.
  • Programme and divisional reviews and audits: programme and divisional reviews and audits are the two mechanisms designed to achieve the dual function of quality assurance: continuous improvement and accountability, and take the form of internal and external evaluations.
  • Quality promotion and capacity building: designed to improve both staff and students, in respect of the promotion and enhancement of quality in both academic and non-academic environments.
  • Surveys and impact studies: the QARC division administers a range of stakeholder surveys to monitor student and stakeholder satisfaction designed to enhance the quality of student learning experiences.