Vision and Mission

IQ Academy provides affordable and accessible private distance education that empowers our students without compromising on quality. At IQ Academy we believe that education holds the key to a successful nation and a skilled and capable workforce that drives economic prosperity. IQ Academy recognises the socio-economic challenges within our community and in today’s highly competitive and technology enhanced landscape certain sectors within our communities are struggling to access employment or receive the backing to follow their entrepreneurial dream. With humanity driving innovation and change like never before, we find ourselves in a complex and sometimes daunting employment and skills environment. It is within these challenges that IQ Academy carved out its vision and redefined what education means within this changing society and distilled it to its simplest context. 

Our Vision is: “Improving lives through education” ™

We believe that education and learning is a cornerstone of what it means to improve your life and the lives of those around you. From its simplest form when a parent teaches their child to tie their shoelaces to a business graduate obtaining his/her qualification and getting that job that earns them their first salary. We made a commitment to realising our vision and will strive to achieve it every step of the way by focusing on our students’ needs and the environment around us. We will achieve this through a clearly defined mission statement that provides our roadmap to success:

Our Mission is:

  • We provide distance education to South Africa that meets the educational needs of our students and equips them to overcome their personal socio-economic challenges and those of the community we both serve.
  • We will achieve this through continuously improving and innovating our distance education solutions, products, student support and technology to suit the changing environment whilst remaining committed to quality and our regulatory community.
  • We will strive to live our core values and invest in our people so that as an organisation we may impact as many lives as possible through what we do.
  • We aim to build and grow sustainable relationships with our students, stakeholders and shareholders and positively impact the local and the international community.