Rise African Child Pusha for Opportunities

Published On: May 10th, 20191.8 min readCategories: Career Advice

In spite of the high unemployment rates and economic attrition, Mzantsi is still ripe with opportunity and alive with possibilities. The question is: How big in your hustling muscle? The days of simply putting in your CV and crossing your fingers in hopes that you get picked are long gone. Being willing to hustle means you are willing to be deliberate and calculated that is “uyaphanda, uyaphusha” and when you are deliberate in upskilling yourself, you will get results.

iQ Academy offers Business Short Courses that range from bookkeeping, public relations and human resource management, risk management and logistics, to Short Courses in leadership and employee wellness.  This is important to you, because investing in a Business Short Course that speaks to where you are wanting to go in your career, gives you that winning edge over those that are competing with you for the same position, but who does not have that particular skills set on their CV.  It is an affordable way of putting yourself at an advantage!

Perhaps you are your own boss, uyaphusha!  The need to keep on evolving and improving not just your product or your service, but also your systems is the lifeblood of what you do.  Every successful entrepreneur from Patrice Motsephe to Basetsane Khumalo, to the likes of Richard Branson, will attest to the fact that you eventually start to die out if you don’t grow. You become obsolete. Assuming that you have a good product and you are providing good service, how are your business systems? Doing a Short Course in Supply Chain Management, for example, can really help you take your business to the next level. You will learn to be efficient and innovative in your purchasing logistics and learn to build a solid strategy for sourcing what you need.

So, as an entrepreneur, why not strengthen your hustle-muscle, and instead of only focusing on products and services, become deliberate in learning about other essential blocks in building a successful business?  After all, it’s your journey to greater opportunities – and iQ Academy is committed to helping you achieve just that. 

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