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How the Rewards Programme Works

  • iQ’s Refer a friend programme aims reward those who refer a friend who may be interested to study at iQA and the friend goes on to register.
  • The reward for the person who submitted the name is 2Gb of Data for each friend that registers.
  • Please note that at iQA registration is completed by making first payment. So 14 days thereafter the reward is paid out. Simple.
  • So “let’s learn together” – and all benefit from studying at iQA.

Easy Steps to Earn 2Gb of Data


  1. Click the button below to open the form
  2. Add your details as the Submitter to receive airtime
  3. Add your friend’s details who would be interested in studying at iQA.
  4. You can add three nominations at a time and as many as you want to.

Terms and Conditions

Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions:
1. The Submitter will be paid a Reward of 2Gb of Data to the “Number to Receive Airtime” for each Nomination where:
a. The Nomination is successfully admitted to iQA;
b. The first payment is received by iQA and
c. The payment is not reversed.
2. The 2Gb of Data will be paid two weeks after the complete registration.
3. The Nomination will be valid if the contact number does not already exist in the iQ marketing database.
4. The Nomination is only valid for two months.
5. iQA reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at its discretion.