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Travel and Tourism

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iQ Academy has developed a fully online learning experience to study Travel and Tourism. This give students the ability to study on-the-go while maintaining their existing work and family commitments.

The course provides a perfect solution for those looking to start a career in travel and tourism or for those who want to upskill in order to advance in their career and earning potential.

Key course benefits are:

  • Accessible on all smartphones and mobile devices
  • Connects you to expert knowledge in the tourism field
  • Connects you to dedicated and qualified tutors
  • Connects you student community forums
  • And affordable due to flexible payment plans from R540 pm

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About the course

This course will equip you with a variety of foundational technical, managerial, personal, and operational skills needed to effectively run a tourism enterprise or manage a tourism destination.

You can gain a wide understanding of how the travel industry functions; discovering the key principles of travel and tourism, while also learning about the impact of tourism both locally and globally.

This is an opportunity for your career to take off with the growth in the booming tourism sector. Fly high.