Ska ba hemisa – love summer, love life, love you

Published On: January 18th, 20191.9 min readCategories: Career Advice

Few things beat that fresh feeling of summer, the sand between your toes as you stroll along the beach, late mornings with no alarms set to wake you for work. Fun in the sun; with children, friends, and family, then there are those fully stocked, ice-cold cooler boxes, braai fires, and roars of laugher.

Unfortunately, at times it is only once the holidays and festive season are over that we reach a place where we feel compelled to start planning for the year ahead, at times the pressure that comes with this task can be daunting and the outcomes of the previous year’s procrastination can lead to a sense of panic kicking in. Make the decision today to live a better life tomorrow: Don’t allow the consequences of poor planning to come back and haunt you; be bold – take control, invest in you, invest in your future, prepare for your tomorrows today, and don’t leave it too late.

Malcolm X once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it”.

Summer is only temporary, but education lasts forever and no one can ever take it away from you, IQ Academy gives you the opportunity to put yourself in a position to own your future and make every summer after this one is even more memorable. Whether you are looking to do a short course or higher certificate this is your opportunity to capitalize on our hearty product offering and change your career by upskilling yourself and taking that step towards becoming more qualified for that next job or the promotion that you have been eyeing out for months on end, it’s also a chance to alter the direction of your future and those who matter to you most. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader, in that we offer you Connected Distance Learning through our very unique student support services, which means that you have constant direct contact with tutors and lecturers via a multitude of dedicated sources. Our prices are all-inclusive, which means that the price you see is the price you pay, no manga-manga business, no additional costs. Flourishing is in your hands and so is a lifetime of unforgettable holidays at any time of the year. Check out our courses on our website.

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