Small Business Bookkeeper Career

Published On: December 19th, 20181.3 min readCategories: Career Advice

The Bookkeeping Course at IQ Academy can adequately prepare students to pursue a successful career as a Small Business Bookkeeper. This business short course can be completed within 6 months dependant on the study effort you put in, typically 3 to 4 hours a week is all you require. Payment terms for this course can be extended over 24 months.

The course provides the platform for students to take on various positions within the industry, including various levels of bookkeeping, payroll, and as a Debtors or Creditors Clerk. There are six modules in the course which go over financial transactions, debtors/creditors management, reconciliation, and trial balance as well as salaries, financial statements, and business tax. Whether you are a business owner or aim to work as a Small Business Bookkeeper, this vital information will teach you how to record details efficiently and accurately. When taking on this role, you will be responsible for recording and maintaining all financial records within the business. Depending on the size of the company, you may need to work with a small team, where management duties may also fall on your shoulders. Computer skills will be essential as you will be required to record details on accounting software, while also dealing with invoices and bills, and ensuring that accounts are paid timeously. Payroll will also fall on your shoulders along with any banking duties, taxes, and reporting to business owners. If you would like to find out how the Bookkeeping Course at IQ Academy can assist you in working as a Small Business Bookkeeper, contact one of our friendly consultants now. 

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