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Student Support

Academic Support

iQA seeks to create a rich learning experience for its students. Consequently, we are continuously exploring new and better ways to best support distance learning. We also are committed to shortening the “distance” in distance learning. Both of these objectives are achieved by keeping in touch with our students through telephonic and email support. It is important that students keep us informed about any changes to their personal information, including cell number(s), physical and postal address, and email address. Without these contact details, students may not receive important information. In addition to this, students have access to iCan, which is iQA’s online learning portal. iCan is a great way for students to conveniently view course content, interact with tutors, and take part in learning and other interactive experiences.

Student Retentions Team

iQA has a dedicated student retentions team who formally welcome new students when they enrol. The “Welcome Call”, as we call it, is an important interaction because it is a way to orientate students with iQA and with the structure of their selected programme. It also serves to clarify requirements and confirm registration. To provide consistent support and engagement, we also contact students when they receive their study material. The student retentions team assists students to help them “get going” by outlining the contents of learning materials and encouraging them to familiarise themselves with the Student Handbook and Module Study Guide. The team will also help students enable the USSD self-service facility.

Technology Mediated Learning

Distance learners often experience a feeling of isolation. The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” is quite appropriate in this regard. Through advances in internet-based technologies and access to connectivity, we have created dynamic platforms to encourage one-on-one interaction between students and tutors and facilitate student communities where challenges, questions, and topics of interest can be discussed. Through iCan, iQA provides students with a platform that allows students to leverage technology, which in turn, facilitates learning. iCan is accessible through PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc. and can be accessed at:

How iCan works for Students

In addition to being conveniently accessible 24/7 from your smartphone, iCan also gives students the power to:

  • View courses and module information
  • Check progress and academic results
  • Access course content and digital resources
  • Learn through interactive experiences, like chatrooms and discussion forums
  • Chat with your tutors and peers
  • Submit assignments