Top 10 Booming Careers In South Africa In The Business Industry

Published On: January 18th, 20192.4 min readCategories: Career Advice

Are you still undecided on which career path you want to head down? This is something that millions of people around the world struggle with. In South Africa, where there is so much competition for employment, it may be a good thing to consider the most in-demand skills required by employers. Equipping yourself with these abilities will put you in a stronger position when looking to enter the workplace. Here are 10 booming careers that are in demand in South Africa:

  1. Software Development

Technology has offered businesses the opportunity to work more accurately and efficiently. For this reason, custom software offers the chance to remain competitive while shaving costs and increasing productivity.

  1. Web Development

Your website is a silent salesman, a portal for client communication and often the new first impression of your business. For this reason, web developers are in high demand, with this job sector enjoying rapid growth.

  1. Statistical Analysis

The availability of deep data in the technological age has brought about a huge demand for people who specialise in both mining and analysing data. Being able to properly assess data can help business growth as well as avoid potential issues – making it a highly valuable skill.

  1. IT Security

Staying in the digital sector, the growth of online business means there is also a rise in cybercrime. This means that companies need their private and confidential information safe at all times. Specialising in network security offers opportunities across various sectors.

  1. Management

This is a position that has always been amongst the most sought-after in South Africa. Focusing on skills that will help you take on a professional management position will be highly valuable in all sectors.

  1. Sales

Jobs in this sector are often plentiful across the board. Often, starting off in this position requires little qualification, but it is imperative that you acquire the necessary skills. This position can be brutal if you are not properly equipped to meet targets.

  1. Engineering

Many skilled professionals in this area opt to work outside of South Africa, which in turn has led to a high demand for engineers in the country. Once completing your qualifications, you will be in a good position to acquire employment in this field.

  1. Mining

South Africa boasts a number of large mines, but skilled workers are a little scarcer. There are various positions on offer in this field, so it would be best to thoroughly research the path which you would like to follow.

  1. Medical

This field often requires highly skilled professionals. Qualifications in this sector are not easily attained, but if you have the necessary talent and ability, it is a field that is certainly worth the effort.

  1. Accounting

Properly controlled finances can make or break a company, which is why there is a high demand for professional accountants. If you have strong skills in this area, accounting is a solid career choice.

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