Travel Agent Career

Published On: December 19th, 20181.1 min readCategories: Career Advice

Choose IQ Academy if you are looking to get your travel agent career off the ground. We offer a wide range of courses catering for the tourism and hospitality industry including our Tourism and Hospitality Management Course that will ensure you are well equipped with all the necessary skills required for the position. The duties taken on by a travel agent are fairly straightforward. You will be required to arrange travel for clients who are planning trips for business or leisure. To ensure that your clients get the experience they want, you will need to work out their needs and preferences. This means discussing what they expect from the trip, their budget and their schedule. From there, you will need to plan all the finer details – calculate costs and book flights or other means of transport, make hotel reservations, secure car rental and more. You will also need to go through the trip in full detail with your client, ensuring that they have all the relevant documentation for travel as well as discuss weather, customs and major attractions. A travel consultant career can be a fun and rewarding opportunity, and with the courses on offer at IQ Academy, you can put yourself one step ahead of the competition. Talk to one of our consultants now for more information.

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