COVID-19 Student FAQ’s

Published On: March 16th, 20205.8 min readCategories: COVID-19

Will I be able to study with iQ Academy without attending classes?’
Yes, iQ Academy offers only distance learning courses and programmes and you, therefore, do not need to attend class.  As a leader in distance and online learning, iQ Academy has ensured that all our courses can be studied via our online student portal, iCan.

We offer academic support and general student support to make your student journey easier and enjoyable.  We highly recommend that you log onto iCan to meet your fellow students and lecturers.

Will I be able to register with iQ if I don’t have internet access?
Yes, our Student Advisors are available to call you back and complete your enrolment application.  Upon successful registration (including first payment received), your study material will be dispatched to you after the lockdown period.

Step 1: Enquire

  1. Complete website contact form
  2. Speak to a Student Advisor
  3. Complete enrolment application

Step 2: Register

  1. Submit required documentation
  2. Pay your fees
  3. Receive student number

Step 3: Start

  1. Access iCan
  2. Complete onboarding journey
  3. Engage with lecturer

Can I continue my studies during the lockdown period, even if I don’t have access to the Internet?
Yes, we encourage our students to self-study and use this time to your advantage and engage with your course work and to complete your assignments when they are due. If you have received your course materials we further encourage reflection on topics you find interesting and using this time to further expand your knowledge.

If you have access to the Internet, please interact with your fellow students and lecturers via iCan or email for additional support and motivation, as well as useful tips during self-isolation.

Yes, you will have student support, however, our telephone service is suspended until the end of the lockdown period.  Our students can utilise our online channels namely:

Will academic support be available during the lockdown period?

Yes, our entire academic faculty are working remotely and are available online to provide support and assistance with course work. You can engage with your lecturer or tutor via iCan messaging or email, or participate in the discussion forums.

Our capabilities during the lockdown period are limited to online channels and unfortunately, our telephone lines are not active.

All our electronic channels for submission will remain open during the forced lockdown. You can submit your assignments via iCan or via email (as per email addresses provided in your study material).  We, unfortunately, cannot collect and process post until the lockdown period has been suspended.

Higher Certificate students assignment submission deadlines
We encourage students to continue to submit assignments electronically during the lock-down period, either via iCan or email. Where the FA1 submission deadline is on, or after 30 March 2020,  students will be granted an automatic extension.  That means that students may submit FA1 assignment together with FA2. Consult your iCan course pages for FA2 submission dates.

Will I be able to receive my certificate?
Due to the forced shutdown of the iQ Academy offices, our certification department will not be able to issue and send any new certificates during the lockdown period. We can also not access any postage or courier services during this time and we will continue with certification as soon as the lockdown period is lifted.

I’ve registered but haven’t received my books, what do I do now?
We can resume delivery of all study material under level 4 of the lockdown, even though the lockdown period has been extended past the initial 21-days.

During Level-5 of the lockdown period, the printing and delivery of our study materials were not classified as essential services and we were, therefore, unable to deliver any textbooks and course materials.

We ask for your patience as we are now processing a backlog due to this initial lockdown period. Our team is working hard to ensure that everyone’s study material goes out as soon as possible.

While you wait for your study material to arrive, we encourage you, should you have Internet access, to go onto iCan and download your course material once your course material becomes available. If you are a Short Course student, you will be able to download your course material as soon as you log onto iCan. Please note, that if you are a Higher Certificate student, your course material will only become available to download a week before the intake starting date. Your course starting date will be indicated when you log into iCan.

In the meantime, you can continue to upskill yourself by accessing our FREE Do Life micro-courses on iCan. These value-added micro-courses are designed to boost everyday life skills of all our iQ Students and are data-lite.

For any enquiries please email:

Can I access DO Life micro-courses?
Yes, if you are a registered iQ student you have full access to DO Life for FREE on iCan.  The micro design and focused curriculum of the courses are an excellent way to invest in your own development.

The innovative DO Life range focuses on developing your personal, everyday life skills. Exciting topics include personal branding, managing finances, career, well-being, and many more. You will receive instant recognition in the form of a certificate once you have completed your module.

Over 4,000 students have completed our micro-courses and 97% agree they are useful and valuable!

How can I cancel my studies?
Before considering cancelling your studies, we encourage students to contact us via the following student support channels and let us try and assist you as best as possible.

Will the Higher Certification Graduation still take place?
Due to the nation-wide lockdown, Graduation 2020 has been put on hold indefinitely.  We will communicate to affected students in due course should this change.  Certificates for Graduates will be processed after the lockdown.

What do I do if I can’t pay due to the lockdown?
You may contact our student support team through any of the channels below and they are ready to assist you is Depending on the circumstances that you find yourself in, we have options available to you. We encourage students that finds themselves in difficulty to contact us before stopping payment to ensue it does not affect your studies.

What do I do if I need to request a refund?
You can contact the support team for assistance through the channels below.  Supporting documents may be required in order to validate and process any refunds.

What do I do if I have any other kind of financial queries?
During this period we are operational and here to support you. For any financial or account-related queries, including requesting statements, sending proof of payments or requesting banking details, please contact us via:

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