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Questions relating to studying with iQ Academy

iQ Academy (Pty) Ltd Company Registration No. 2006/033114/07: is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training until 31 December 2021 as a Private Higher Education Institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997, Registration Certificate No. 2012/HE07/001.

iQ Offers a variety of Business Courses of the highest calibre to help you achieve your study goals, such as:

  • Business Short Course Programmes for skills development (Non-credit bearing)
  • Higher Certificate in Business Management: SAQA ID 87026 | NQF 5
  • Higher Certificate in HR Management: SAQA ID 90760 | NQF 5
  • Diploma in Business Management: SAQA ID 112051 | NQF 6

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Only Higher Certificate and Diploma Programmes are accredited.

A Higher Certificate and Diploma course is a formal qualification and is registered with South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) and Council on Higher Education (CHE)

A Short Course is a short learning programme that focuses on equipping you with a specific skillset. Our curricula are developed by industry experts and are internally quality assured by our Academic Board. Our short courses are institutional learning programmes and are non-credit-bearing, which means it does not carry credits towards a registered qualification in terms of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

You do not need to physically attend a class for either the distance learning or online learning programmes. The differences are explained as follows:

Distance learning
Your textbook and study guide will be couriered to you, while the required assignments are available on our student portal iCan. You would therefore need periodic access to an Internet connection to download required documentation and to interact with your lecturer, tutor and fellow students. For some of our short learning programmes, you will have the option to complete your assignment/s online, or you can choose to submit it via email.

Online learning
Your study material is available on our student portal iCan. You would therefore need a stable Internet connection, smartphone, PC , laptop, or tablet to access your study material. You can also download your study material for offline use. Assessments are completed online (no posting or emailing of assignments needed), and results are immediately available on iCan.

You can contact us:

Enrolment Queries

You need a matric certificate to do an online Short Course, the Certified Digital Marketing courses, a Higher Certificate and a Diploma

It is recommended that prospective students present a Grade 12 (Matric) certificate to gain entry into an iQ Short Course.  For some of our short courses, you only need a Grade 10 (standard 8).

We offer a wider range of payments plans which are convenient and affordable to match your personal circumstances.  You can pay via:

  • Direct transfer
  • Online payment through PayFast – South Africa’s leading payment gateway
  • Debit order through DebiCheck – the latest debit order system from the Reserve Bank and PASA

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Student Support

iQ Academy only offers distance learning courses and online courses, and we therefore offer academic support via telephone and email, and through our student portal, iCan.

We highly recommend that you log onto iCan to meet your fellow students and lecturers.

All other student support such as results, certificate, study material queries are available through telephonic, and email channels.

iCan is our innovative student portal that is designed to facilitate interactive learning. It is data-lite and is accessible through PC’s, tablets and smartphones. Students can use iCan to:

  • Access course content
  • Interact with course tutor and/or lecturer
  • Join discussion forums
  • Complete interactive quizzes
  • Submit your assignments
  • Access your results

Watch the video tutoriols on iCan to learn how to benefit from the experience. Log into iCan here:

Short Courses
Once you successfully complete your course, you will get an iQ Academy short course certificate, which demonstrates you have acquired industry-relevant skills to help develop your career. To qualify for a short course certificate, you must:

  • Pass all your assignments
  • Pay up your student account
  • Email a certified copy of your ID document to

Higher Certificates
Once you successfully complete the programme you will receive a Higher Certificate qualification (Level 5, 120 Credits). To qualify for the Higher Certificate, you must:

  • Fulfil all academic requirements
  • Pay up your student account

Higher Certificates will be awarded at an official graduation ceremony or in absentia.

Once you complete your course, you will get a Diploma in Business Management, SAQA ID 112051 (NQF Level 6) from iQ Academy. To qualify for this diploma, you must:

  • Fulfil all academic requirements
  • Pay up your student account

Diplomas will be awarded at the official graduation ceremony or in absentia.

Short Courses
No exams are written

Higher Certificate Qualification
Yes, there are exams, but you first need to complete all required formative assessments. You must submit ALL assignments if you wish to gain entry to the examination (summative assessment).

Not all modules require a formal examination. Annual examination will take place twice a year for those modules for which a formal, written examination is required. Details regarding examinations will be communicated.

If you still have questions please contact us and a student advisor will call you back.

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