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Whatever you choose to study next, save 20% on any future courses with iQ Academy. Don’t miss out on the latest innovations in distance learning.

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New DO Life modules and micro-courses for free.
New qualifications and short courses.
Exclusive guest lectures, webinars and more!

89% of our alumni have plans to study further

As an alumnus of iQ Academy, you save 20% off any future courses you enrol for. Save, upskill and reach your goals. We’d love to have you back!

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Xolelwa Johanna Thuputlela
iQ Graduate
“Thanks iQ, for making it possible for everyone to study without feeling the financial pressure with your fee structures. The lectures are amazing. Looking forward to the future now…thank you!”
Zimkita Kilani
iQ Short Course Student
“I would like to thank iQ Academy for everything that you did for me. I got my certificate! Big up guys for what you do for everyone who wants to fulfill their goals.”
Vesnant Singo - iQ Academy Short Course Student - Testimonial_
Vesnant Singo
iQ Short Course Student
“It’s so much easier studying online, downloading all my study guides through my cell phone without a laptop. It’s a good experience for me. This is so easy to do!”
Isaac Thabo Mothami
iQ Graduate
“Thank you for the lessons, experience, support, opportunity to study at an affordable price, and most of all for adding value to my life.”

Alumni Discount: Terms and Conditions

  1. All students who have fully completed their academic studies in either a Short Course or Qualification at iQ Academy are entitled to an Alumni Discount of 20% off the standard course price.
  2. To qualify, the Student’s account for the completed course must be fully paid up.
  3. The Alumni Discount is only applicable to Students and not to Sponsors who may want to sponsor another Student.

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