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Enrol for any course and save 20% on any future courses you enrol for with iQ Academy.

According to a recent survey, 89% of our Alumni have plans to study further

This shows just how important continued learning is to our students. Lifelong learning not only enhances personal development but also competitiveness and employability. Now you can up-skill, save and reach your goals. As an alumnus of iQ Academy, you save 20% off your next course with us.

Plus, you also get access to our latest innovations in online distance learning:

  • Enhanced student portal, iCan, with new features
  • Newly introduced live sessions with your lecturers and class mates
  • New DO Life micro-courses for FREE

  • New programmes

Whenever you are ready to continue learning, we are here for you and we’d love to have you back!

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What you need to know

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Alumni Discount:

  1. All students who have fully completed their academic studies in either a Short Course, Higher Certificate or FET Certificate at iQ Academy are entitled to an Alumni Discount of 20% off the standard course price.
  2. The Alumni Discount does not apply to the Diploma.
  3. To qualify, the Student’s account for the completed course must be fully paid up.
  4. The Alumni Discount is only applicable to Students and not to Sponsors who may want to sponsor another Student.
  5. Where the Student selects any course where the standard rules require a deposit to be paid, then the standard deposit will remain, and the instalments will be calculated after subtracting the standard deposit.

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