Don’t Let Your Holidays Go Up In Smoke

Published On: January 18th, 20192.6 min readCategories: Personal well-being

Use the holidays to ace the next semester

The academic world is and has always been a challenging one, whether you are studying full-time or part-time, it is important to develop ways to use your time wisely. With the holiday period approaching the last thing you may be interested in is academic work, but putting in a few extra hours during this period can help give you the boost you need for your academics after the holidays. Here are a few tips on things that you could do to maximise the extra time you will have at your disposal.

Revise and plan

Go over the notes that you prepared and studied from during the term, by doing this you keep the information fresh in your mind and will pick up points that you may have missed due to stress, feeling rushed, and pressured. If you will be taking up new modules give yourself a head start by making notes early and getting started with the research required for your assignments, doing this will alleviate your workload after the break. Evaluate your performance from the previous term and assess what you were most happy with and what you would like to change or improve ongoing into the new term. Set yourself goals that are ‘SMART’ – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time based e.g. spend an extra hour making notes on subject ‘X’ for six weeks in May. Be honest with yourself, if you feel that you have particularly struggled in a certain area and need to take extra lessons then do just that.

Hone in on other skills

Start the process of improving or learning a skill or skills that will not only help your academic career but have an all-round positive effect on your personal and professional well-being in the long run as well. Take online courses or join groups in your community that focuses on things such as: negotiating, typing skills, public speaking, writing, vocabulary, positive thinking, and effective listening.

Work towards getting ispan (a job)

It is never too early or too late to start working on your CV and improving its look. Whether you’re a student, have a holiday or part-time job, are employed full time you should have a professional CV ready and waiting. If you don’t already have a CV, use the holidays to connect with a recruitment agency to get hints and tips on what makes an outstanding CV, should you not have access to one nearby, then check online for articles that will help you nail it.

Become a mentee

Invest in yourself by finding a mentor, this is someone who is trained and experienced in a certain field and can provide advice to you on a professional level. It is equally important that you do however make time for some relaxing activities and things that give you pleasure, go and catch up with family and friends and take long scenic walks. Don’t let your holidays go up in smoke. 

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