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Published On: January 18th, 20192.3 min readCategories: Career Advice

If you are looking to expand your office manager career options, consider taking on an Office Administration course as it will provide you with the skills needed to pursue a range of positions in the future. Office Administration is a crucial part of the backbone of any and every business, and it allows for the smooth running of daily activities. Although some of the tasks within the administration can be boring or fairly simple, it does not take away from the fact that they are essential. It also requires people who are organised, quick learners and has a keen eye for detail. Often, office assistant administration work requires you to complete tasks on your own, but you will still need the ability to work as part of a team – and in this field, versatility is a big plus in your favour. When deciding whether or not to pursue this study option, it is important to look at some of the career opportunities that could await you.

Let’s first look at the starting point. For many, their office career starts at reception. This puts you at the frontline of a business – where you are responsible for making the first impression. Tasks here include answering phones, taking and distributing messages, handling ingoing and outgoing deliveries, and even potentially managing schedules and filing. This job could assist you in transitioning to a personal assistant position. In this position, you would be responsible for handling administrative duties for higher management. You may be required to handle schedules, book flights, screen calls and a whole lot more. You can also opt to go into more specialised fields, such as working in the medical or legal fields at reception. In these instances, your administration skills will need to be excellent, and you will be required to take on further training to understand the unique approach in each field.

If you start in an office, one of the highest positions you could attain is that of Office Manager. This person requires the experience and expertise to run an office smoothly. Not only will you need diverse administration skills, but you will also be required to manage staff, monitor equipment, and supplies, as well as potentially deal with banking, invoicing, and payroll. An Office Manager can also handle some Human Resources duties, which includes conflict resolution between staff members. This is just the tip of the iceberg though.

An Office Administration course is a starting point to get you into an office or business. From there, you can hone and develop your skills to naturally move up the ladder. The best part is that attaining these skills will prove vital in almost any business position that you may choose to pursue going forward in your career, so this course will never be wasted.

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